Gail began embroidering in the second grade, learning the needlework craft in a unit on pioneers.  Her family of knitters, sewers, and quilters taught her other skills even though she is left-handed.  She has another blog, The Rowdy Goddess where she talks about life, Wicca, Tarot and more.

Living, dancing, and journeying in the ecstasy of the Universe, finding the flow of creation and destruction.  Librarian, wife, daughter, sister, priestess, academic, witch, shamanic practitioner, reader, writer, Tarotist, needlewoman, doggy mom and more.  Rowdy, loud and proud, fun, quiet, and fabulous.

Or, the official blah, blah, blah is here:

Gail Wood has been a Witch and Wiccan priestess for more than twenty years, practicing a shamanic path celebrating the Dark Moon. She is clergy, teacher, ritual leader, tarot reader and Reiki Master.  She is the author of The Shamanic Witch.  Her other books, Rituals of the Dark Moon and The Wild God are out of print.

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