Stitch A Book of Shadows


There are a number of stitch journal projects out there on the internet and the blogosphere.  It is very inspiring.  Some are very structured and they keep track of the names of stitches learned and practice.  The journal becomes a reference book to consult again and again; and it’s also a way to track the progress of your skills.  One of my favorite of this kind is on Mary Corbet’s Needle n Thread.  As awesome and cool as it is, it’s still a lot like a school blue book or copybook.  Sometimes I can’t sustain that kind of structure.  I always want to veer off track or color outside the lines.

The Crazy Quilt Journal Project is also incredible.  At the beginning of each year, people sign up to create a journal by doing a crazy quilt square each month for the whole year.  I didn’t sign up but I’m on the mailing list and I get emails with pictures of some incredibly beautiful crazy quilts.  Plus, several of the bloggers I follow, write about their journey.  The next favorite thing for a stitcher to do after stitching is a handful of M&Ms and writing a blog.

One of the most inspiring is a blog post on Million Little Stitches.  She has been doing fibre journals since 2008 and last year she participated in CQJP.  She shared her final journal in this post.  In two fabric pages you see what happened to her each month stitched on one side and her crazy quilt on the other.   What a fabulous way to journal or for a Wiccan to keep a Book of Shadows!

I didn’t realize it had inspired me so much until I was in the middle of a meditation during our Full Moon in Virgo celebration this past weekend.  It came to me that I needed to journal my meditations more faithfully and find a way to express the wisdom I was gaining.  The the picture of this wonderful journal showed up in my meditation along with the pattern for the wisdom of the meditation.  I’m almost finished with it and will post it when I am finished.

I’m not sure what will be in this Book of Stitchy Shadows.  I’m making no promises to faithfully transmit all the ritual meditations or whatever.  I am participating in a wonderful monthly stitchy sampler program by Rebecca Ringquist at Dropcloth and those will fit in nicely.  We shall see at the end of the year when I put it all together.